Joost Fernando Voss


Welcome !

Hello and welcome to my website. I would love to tell you all about the worlds that I create and the stories and characters I hold dear. 

From the moment I can remember I loved to fantasize and make up stories! As a child I loved to perform and tell these stories to family and friends. 

Later I found a better medium to express my imagination without making a fool of myself: Animation and video Games!    

The oldest story that I remember is a story about a strange boy from outer space who lands into a mystical world that he doesn’t understand but slowly learns to appreciate, love and protect!      

His name is Dean Elqurazai and he has been with me for 25 years! I like to see him as the mascot for the work that I make.

A Weapon to strike and protect !

Even in this world, some creatures strike back! So, what does it mean to fight for the things you stand for? What boundaries do you find on your path and are there any lines you aren’t allowed to cross?     

How strong is your will to fight for your dreams?      

Find those things for yourself and learn from the journey you’re on!